Triber's private marketplaces makes competitive tendering easy and puts our clients in control of their purchasing.

All businesses are impacted by a shortage of available labour, goods and services and by price increases and delivery delays. How do you know that you are getting the best available prices to supply your business needs? 

Large companies use competitive tendering as their proven and the best way to buy labour, goods and services.
Triber now makes this available to every business large and small. 
Triber provides a secure, low-cost, quick and easy to set up tendering platform. Simply upload your request for quotation, invite your best suppliers to tender and let Triber manage the process.

Triber puts you in control of all of your purchasing needs with real-time dashboards. Triber makes spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, text messages a thing of the past. These error prone and labour intensive tools are replaced by Triber's 24/7 SaaS platform. 

Triber supports the purchase of:


Labour - The people you need: Full-time, part-time, or contract workers for on-premise, remote, or hybrid work.
Services - Any product or service that your business needs to purchase or outsource.
Projects - Anything with a scope of work: Building, construction, demolition, Systems Integration.  

Triber provides a safe and secure environment that makes spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, text messages redundant.

Using email and spreadsheets to engage multiple vendors and compare their responses is inefficient. Attaching documents to emails and updating spreadsheets is prone to error. Triber makes these obsolete and we offer security, improve efficiency and reliability, and are scalable. In the world of cyber leaks, who can do without this?

Email attachments are not secure, can be missed, and can easily end up at an incorrect address. There are myriad reasons a targeted recipient may not lay eyes on an email as it sails around the ether. The requests for quotations and their responses often include sensitive documents creating serious problems in the wrong hands.

Triber’s secure technology streamlines the process, making it simpler, and safer with a dashboard that puts you in control. Triber offers efficiency and reliability, and Triber is scalable and secure – spreadsheets and email are not.

Triber's dashboards provide you and your vendors with full transparency at every step of the process. 

Triber is fast. Enter the request for quotation details, upload the relevant documents once, and send to many vendors. This is a new element of control. Our dashboard lets you take charge with real-time information about the progress of your sourcing. Our dashboard provides transparency at every step in the process. Rather than passively waiting for the emails and responses to arrive Triber provides transparency and allows you to be proactive to manage the vendors submissions.

Triber's Private Procurement Marketplace SaaS platform is available to companies worldwide. Triber is headquartered in Australia.

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