Triber puts any business, large or small, in control and removes the complex, tedious and error prone administrative burden normally associated with managing competitive tenders.

With Triber you focus on procurement activities that save your business money, reduce supply chain risks, improve quality and save time.


Effortless Tendering

Goods, services or labour, you can easily request tenders or quotes from multiple suppliers in your own dedicated, secure and private Triber portal.

Triber is the Solution

Emails, attachments, spreadsheets, telephone and text messages are all replaced by Triber's single online portal.

Get started with Triber in minutes

Complete our short subscription form and Triber will send you an email invitation to get started. Register and everything you need to create and distribute your first tender to your suppliers is ready to go.

Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base has training videos and FAQS and our friendly support team is ready to help.

Tender Control

You can then sit back and relax while you control the tender process effortlessly using Triber's dashboard, workflow and communications tools.

Key Benefits of Triber Solutions

Project Manager Roles

Efficient and Transparent Practices

Cyber Security Roles

Secure and Reliable Communications

Agile Coach

Complete Audit Trail

Project Manager Roles

Rich Data to Mine

Cyber Security Roles

Proactively Manage your Suppliers

Agile Coach

Remove Key Person Risk

Project Manager Roles

Engage Suppliers with Feedback

Cyber Security Roles

Dashboard with Real-time Updates

Agile Coach

Lower Procurement Cost

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Features & Pricing

Triber has pricing and service options to suit small and medium companies as well as large global enterprises.

WSBC Member Offer

Triber offers 10% discount on the Monthly Subscription Cost for WSBC members. Subscribe now.

Investors & Distributors

Join Triber's Global Expansion Journey! Be part of our journey and help shape the future of technology with Triber.


Triber is seeking to expand its network of consultants across the globe to meet the needs of our growing client base.

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Triber is an Australian company.