Subscribe to Triber today and be part of the future we are creating together

Subscribe to Triber today and be part of the future we are creating together

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Triber listens to our customer's feedback and constantly innovates to provide new in demand features.

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New Triber features and enhancements are rolled out quarterly.

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Innovation in Action


Reverse Auctions

Business Intelligence

ERP & Financials Integration

Reverse Auctions

Our Triber community has requested that we support a comprehensive suite of Reverse Auction Features. For an understanding of how reverse auctions work and when they can be used we have provided the following link Understanding Reverse Auctions.

Triber will bring the powerful Reverse Auction capability to businesses of any size. Until now Reverse Auctions have only been available to government agencies and large corporations.

Business Intelligence

Triber has partnered with Domo to connect Triber's tender data with Domo's comprehensive business intelligence and reporting tools.

Triber has Open APIs available to support our customers to integrate your own Business Intelligence tools.

ERP & Financials Integration

Triber has partnered with Codat to seamlessly connect Triber's tender data to our client's ERP and Financials applications. Codat provides a seamless integration to allow Triber to create Purchase Orders and update the financials of our customer's core ERP or Financials systems.