Effortless Tender Management

Simply provide our team with your tender information using Triber's secure storage facility and then relax and let our team manage the process for you.

You can then access your Triber dashboard at any time to oversee the process, respond to questions and make the important decisions while the Triber team handles the back office process on your behalf.

Simplify Your Tendering Process with Triber

Triber's dedicated outsource/BPO service handles the people intensive administration while you make those important decisions using our real time dashboards. Whether you're a company, consulting firm or freelance professional Triber takes the pain out of creating competitive tension amongst your suppliers.

Client Responsibilities


Provide Tender Information


Approve Tender for Distribution


Respond to Questions

Review Submissions

Award Tender

Triber Responsibilities

Initial Setup

Our experienced team will set up your secure Triber procurement marketplace and walk your team members through our short training program and then we are ready to get started and publish your first tenders or market scans.


Create Customer Private Triber Space


Register Customer Users


Train Customer Users

Each Tender

Load Tender template and documentation

Prepare Tender for approval to release to suppliers

Register Suppliers

Register Supplier Representatives


Respond to Supplier questions regarding technology and process

Issue Approved Tender

Respond to administrative questions

Forward tender questions to customer

Close Tender