Estimators will greatly benefit from using our Triber procurement platform especially for repeatable procurement needs. Estimators play a crucial role in construction and other industries where accurate cost estimation is essential. Here's how Triber will support an estimator:

1. Streamlined Supplier Management: Triber allows estimators to maintain a database of pre-qualified suppliers and contractors. This enables easy access to supplier information. , including pricing, availability, and performance history, facilitating more accurate cost estimation.


2. Efficient Quote Comparison: Estimators can leverage the procurement platform to request and receive quotes from multiple suppliers for materials, equipment, subcontracted services or labour.


3. Collaboration and Communication: Triber enables effective collaboration between estimators, project managers, and suppliers. Estimators can communicate project requirements, seek clarifications, and negotiate terms directly through the platform, streamlining the communication process and ensuring clear and documented correspondence.


4. Historical Data Analysis: Over time, Triber platform accumulates data on past projects, including cost estimates, pricing, availability, and performance history. Estimators can download and analyze this historical data to refine their estimates, identify cost trends, and improve the accuracy of future estimates.


5. Streamlined Tendering Process: If the estimator is involved in tendering activities, Triber can assist in managing the tendering process. It can automate tasks such as issuing tender documents, receiving bids, and tracking the progress of the tendering process.


By leveraging Triber, estimators can enhance the efficiency and accuracy of their cost estimation process, reduce manual tasks, improve supplier management, and collaborate effectively with project teams and suppliers. Ultimately, this results in more accurate cost estimates, better project planning, and improved overall project outcomes.